Life at ThinkTank Maths

A Company of Collective Intelligence

Here at ThinkTank Maths, we think of ourselves as a collaborative research laboratory rather than a hierarchical commercial entity. The greatest results are always achieved thanks to the collective intelligence of our diverse team. Working together allows us to combine our individual knowledge and strengths — and it’s fun.

This philosophy extends to all aspects of ThinkTank Maths. The company’s flat structure means that suggestions and new ideas are welcome from everybody, whether they concern the office environment, complex research projects or new outdoor adventures.

We are also committed to the personal development of each team member. A quarterly review helps everybody to build upon their strengths and assess their areas for further development in order to achieve their full potential. A program of monthly meetings with newcomers helps new members of the team to settle in and feel at home.

Well-Being and Adventures

ThinkTank Maths cares about everybody’s general well-being. Active brains need sustenance, and the office is well-stocked with free tea, coffee, organic fresh fruit and dark chocolate.

Hillwalking and Golf Clubs, with monthly events in the summer season, give us all a chance to explore Scotland’s beautiful landscapes and try our hand at new sports. In the winter we clear our heads with lunchtime walks, seeking out science, art, and architecture in Edinburgh’s landmarks, galleries and museums. As we all come from different parts of the world, it is a great way to get to know the city and the country.

Also, everybody gets a chance to enhance the company atmosphere in the rotating role of “Office Ranger”. Projects can range from creating new artwork to decorate the office to organising our quarterly themed dinners. For example, we celebrated Yuri Gagarin’s first spaceflight in the office with a feast of Russian food and entertainment. Burn’s Night is always marked with a feast of haggis, “neeps and tatties”, music and poetry and washed down (for those who like it) with a good Malt. Whatever your passion, as the Ranger, you have the opportunity to share it with everyone.

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