What our team says

We work with the brightest minds on the planet.

Finding solutions to some of the most critical challenges facing humanity today – like zero-carbon mobility, sustainable use of space and the energy transition means we all have to work very smart and extremely hard – the heat is on!

Individual dedication and team spirit at ThinkTank Maths rise to  the  challenges we tackle  every time. We pull together, and we take care of each other – because the enjoyment and well-being of our staff are paramount to delivering on our customer expectations and achieving our collective vision.

You hear our values echo in our team endorsements of their personal experiences at ThinkTank Maths below.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first eight months with ThinkTank Maths and I have been amazed at how quickly I have settled here.

I am fortunate to work alongside exceptional, high performing, talented and motivated individuals every day which only enhances my own ability to become better at your job and learn new skills, and there is a sense of a close-knit family unit. I am never short of support from my fellow team members and the management. The management embraces our potential to think independently, be creative and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to challenge the existing and create something new. It is truly remarkable to feel such a support and know the management adds significant value to each employee and helps each individual reach her or his highest potential. ThinkTank Maths prides itself on the quality and culture of its employees and it is very easy to see why.

Each day is never the same and this is something that I thoroughly enjoy as it allows you to use your initiative and think outside of the box to achieve results. I am still amazed by the portfolio of high-end, top of industry clients you can meet at the office on a “regular day”. The number of diverse clients and projects ensures that each morning brings a new challenge and a new opportunity.

I have developed a lot during my time here with many challenges and opportunities. This is a company where you always have a voice in your team and you truly feel appreciated and recognised by the management. I am proud to be a part of it and having the opportunity to contribute to our aim to shape the world to assure a bright future for all mankind.”

Janka, Office & Operations Manager

Working at ThinkTank Maths is a truly unique experience. I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects in the most exciting scientific research areas. One thing is very clear: I am surrounded by brilliant people with a diverse and strong mathematical background. It is amazing what can be achieved when you combine efforts and knowledge from such a research team. A researcher’s input is never ignored; It is, in fact, essential to the research process and a team member is strongly encouraged to contribute in the shaping of ideas from the very beginning of a project. There is no doubt that there is a lot of passion about what we do; it’s not just a job.

The whole organisation made me feel welcome, from the very first day, and they have been actively looking after my well-being. They have helped me with settling in and are always willing to provide guidance in a selfless way. Edinburgh is indeed a beautiful city and I am thankful for the opportunity to live here and participate in many enjoyable activities, some for the very first time in my life.

I am proud to be a member of the TTM family and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Marios, Researcher

“ThinkTank Maths has given me an opportunity to do research in an unrestricted way and to tackle relevant, interesting and challenging problems.”

Aram, Researcher

“Mathematics has a tremendous ability to help us make sense of the world; this is what drives our work at ThinkTank Maths.”

Callum, Researcher

“I enjoy having my mathematical horizons broadened and it is intellectually fulfilling working at ThinkTank Maths.”

George, Researcher

“I am always learning new intriguing problems. ThinkTank Maths have given me a new angle to look at the real world.”

Kirill, Researcher

“The great thing about doing research at ThinkTank Maths is the freedom to concentrate on interesting and crucial mathematical problems without the worries and distractions that are typically associated with a research career in academia.”

Matt, Researcher

“We work hard and do a lot of fun things.”

Geraldine, Office Manager

Working for ThinkTank Maths is an interesting endeavour, where you get to work with intelligent and passionate individuals in order to tackle interesting challenges, and be supervised by people who truly care about your wellbeing.

Jordan, Researcher

I consider myself lucky that I can say that I finally feel I found my place professionally. I work amongst incredible people doing truly extraordinary work.

With many years previous experience at well-known big organizations, I confidently state, this is nothing like the common place of work. Nothing is boring and nothing is usual here… that is what makes it exceptional. The work we do, the approach we take is anything but ordinary.

That was what appealed to me the most when I joined and I haven’t been disappointed ever since.

As a team we not only enjoy regular outings, home working days to explore our intellect and allow us time to submerge in to our ideas, but great atmosphere and space to grow mentally, intellectually and as a person.

I never felt restricted but encouraged and free to do my work as best I can, and I am heard, which very rarely happened to me before.

I do miss my team when on holidays… I do like coming to work every morning. I feel cared for and looked after not only professionally but as a person.

I enjoy the challenge and find ourselves with plenty of opportunity to question conventional ways, that is our aim, our common goal, to look at things differently, in a way, it was never done before…

I am disappointed and also surprised to see negative comments, I guess some were not prepared to be part of this exceptional operation and well, they are ex-teammates for a reason… The management is remarkable, well respected, and still approachable, warm and honest, shame that some could not see this as an opportunity to grow.

Exceptional work takes effort and I enjoy it, we all do.

Edina, Office and Operations Manager