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At ThinkTank Maths we rethink today by engineering for tomorrow. We empower forward-thinking businesses and governments to achieve the future they need in Space and Future Energy through Digital Intelligence Systems.


When you realise ‘good enough’ is no longer good enough.

We give you the insight and confidence to make complex decisions. We create intelligent digital solutions to capture the rich complexity in your data and minimise risk and uncertainty.


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Addressing Real World Problems

We solve the most difficult problems faced by our clients in Space and Future Energy Systems using bespoke mathematical models.
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There are many domains today where humanity must find radically different solutions to deal with change and unprecedented degrees of complexity.

Our ever-increasing expectations and insatiable needs at every level in the modern world inflate the complexity we face particularly in energy transition, zero-carbon mobility, personalised medicine, space and environmental sustainability and  the circular economy.
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We are creating a radical new world and we need talents to embark on this journey with us. If you have out of this world ideas, a creative mind, and are ready to bring it all to life, join our forward-thinking team of experts and clients.

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