Mathematician – Mathematics Researcher

Are you passionate about mathematics and eager to tackle the complexity and uncertainty of unsolved real-life problems through novel mathematical analysis of data in the most exciting domains of human activity: space, aerospace, energy transition, the circular economy, intelligent systems and strategic change management ?


Are you inhabited by the drive and the spirit of intellectual adventure for doing ground-breaking, fundamental research – not through established conventional mathematical knowledge or techniques, but through radical, novel mathematical approaches?


Would you thrive collaborating actively in a multi-disciplinary team, be prepared to help find original solutions to extremely difficult problems and seek out new applications of mathematical analysis? Do you want to do fundamental research in an environment that offers the exciting atmosphere of one of the most ambitious research organisations in the world, creating innovative mathematics with paradigm-shifting impacts on global issues? Do you have the spirit of a true researcher with the tenacity to face difficult problems,  to challenge others’ ideas and to be challenged in your own reasoning?  And are keen to learn new domains and explore the boundaries of human knowledge?


You’ll be a great addition to our team, if you…

  • have an analytical mind to face complex and concrete problems
  • have critical thinking to assess classical solutions and others’ ideas
  • are a pro-active source of suggestions and new ideas to imagine original solutions

You have the following essential skills:

  • A strong track record in Mathematics or Theoretical Physics (PhD or excellent Masters) from a leading university, particularly in highly abstract or purely mathematical domains.
  • A true capability in analysis, abstraction, and mathematical formalisation.
  • Fluency in at least a few specific mathematical domains.
  • The ability to rapidly master new areas of mathematics on an ongoing basis.
  • The courage to challenge established techniques and solutions.
  • The ability to develop novel mathematical data analysis methods.
  • Good collaboration and communication skills to work in a dynamic team of like-minded people.
  • Experience with at least one programming language such as C, Python, and SQL
  • At ease working in various O.S. environments like Windows, Mac and Linux

Operating from the beautiful city of Edinburgh, we offer a highly competitive salary and the opportunity to work in a variety of unique domains as part of a passionate team of like-minded people.

We are particularly interested in applicants with highly abstract or pure mathematical backgrounds and experience in the development of novel mathematical data analysis. Having two or three years’ prior work experience in industry is a plus.

If you are up for the challenge and the prospect of working in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, then send us the following:


  • Your CV (with a list of publications, where relevant).

  • A comprehensive cover letter describing you, your professional expectations and why we should be interested in your application.

  • A short non-technical essay describing your recent research or degree project.

Using your personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation
Personal information you provide will be used internally within ThinkTank Maths Limited for the purpose of assessing your application and contacting you during the application process. We do not share your details with third parties, except where a Certificate of Sponsorship is required. For further information on how your personal data is used, please read our full Recruitment Privacy Policy or contact our Data Representative on email.

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