Play with some real world problems

To find radically different solutions, more often than not, we must adapt our approach. Our games are designed to show you just that. Breaking down complex operations and playfully exploring tricky patterns turns problems into challenges.

The successful harvest of information from deep-space mission fills us with delight! It is indeed a very important part of the activity of ThinkTank Maths to seek to extract complex and unexpected information from heterogeneous, non-specific datasets through the development of innovative mathematics in order to understand an environment or a given situation, prevent accidents or equipment failures, or (more routinely) steer the drilling operation of a subsurface wellbore whilst avoiding unknown obstacles.

To celebrate the remarkable exploits of the Cassini mission, we invite you to play a little game where you will have to try to navigate your route using data which (at first) seems to give you no obvious or immediate useful information to guide you to your destination.

Please use a laptop/desktop computer to play our game

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