Defence is the ultimate test of any approach to dealing with risk and uncertainty. ThinkTank Maths (TTM) draws inspiration from mathematicians like Alan Turing and John von Neumann, whose teams made discoveries that were key to the WWII war effort — and led to technologies that changed the world. Through creative mathematics, TTM resolves fundamental issues in autonomous systems, command and control, sensing and systems architectures.

Autonomous systems (e.g. unmanned aircraft) play an increasingly important role in operations around the world. TTM’s novel Trusted Reasoning Architecture enables efficient decision-making and allows the systems to explain their reasoning to a human user. It also forms the basis for command and control decision aids that reduce the “cognitive burden” of a commander by recommending priority actions and detect anomalies from subtle cues that a human operator would miss.

TTM pioneers disruptive approaches to multi-agent systems by bringing the benefits of quantum communication – already used in quantum cryptography – to autonomous systems. This has implications in early exploitation of emerging quantum information technologies beyond quantum computers and provides novel perspectives on both game theory and quantum mechanics.

Current and future systems also require a range of enabling technologies. TTM’s highly original compression algorithms, novel information measures and data representations reduce bandwidth demand whilst preserving crucial information.

Military requirements change rapidly, and traditional axioms and concepts cease to be valid overnight. Thus, there is a growing need to integrate new technologies into operational systems. TTM is creating new mathematical foundations for self-adapting, evolving systems architectures of the future.

Such mathematical innovation is essential for the defence sector, but TTM is also engaged in transferring many of these technologies to space, energy and financial services. More than half a century after Turing and von Neumann, we are only beginning to embrace the immense potential of mathematics.

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