Happy Holidays from ThinkTank Maths 2017 - Card


You are lost in the forest in a snow storm.

Fortunately, for Christmas you received a device which scans the forest and shows you data about each of the different paths you can take. But the data is strange, not explicitly giving directions and you must decide which feature in it indicates the correct route to lead you to your destination.

• At each new junction, you will be presented with three data images.

• Click on the image you feel to be the right one each time to find your way i.e. can you spot the common feature across the three decision-points which might help guide your choices?

If you succeed easily with your first journey, you can then try more challenging levels with the next two puzzles…

The game is tailored to your name, so you may also want to put in other names to play different versions of the game

If the game does not work for you, click here to try a different version.

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