ThinkTank Maths secures funding for SST Project

ThinkTank Maths Limited (TTM) has secured R&D financing from Scotland’s economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise, for the development of enhanced space surveillance and tracking (SST) services.

The overcrowding of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is a rapidly growing problem due to the proliferation of satellites endangering vital economic and societal activities. To achieve economic continuity and security along with lower insurance costs, the position uncertainty of space-objects in LEO have to be reduced. Enhanced orbital trajectory prediction and object collision risk reduction will help safeguard both commercial and military assets and operations.

TTM aims to accomplish this through novel abductive inference methods to fuse complex heterogenous data sets. This capability will reduce satellite fuel burn from unnecessary avoidance manoeuvres extending the operational life of spacecraft. Generating less space debris and less CO2 pollution will promote safe and sustainable development of LEO.

The overall technical objective of the R&D program is to develop an advanced SST digital solution with a novel mathematical framework and algorithms. These will go beyond the current use of Gaussian distribution of uncertainty within LEO. The software will automatically collect data from a variety of sources to give enhanced position accuracy for space objects. Through TTM’s augmented intelligence system (TRA™) we will provide decision intelligence at the speed of relevance to satellite operators.

TTM has been working in stealth mode for 3 years with Dr Moriba Jah, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin and Chief Scientific Advisor for Privateer Space. Dr Jah is a globally recognised subject matter expert, space environmentalist and astrodynamicist.

The project will also consolidate TTM’s relationship with SaxaVord Spaceport within the SaxaVord Space Domain Awareness Consortium. TTM plans to develop safe and accurate orbital insertion services for SaxaVord launcher clients.

The project is directly aligned with Scottish Enterprise’s “Scotland in Space” ambitions and will institute competitive Scottish/UK SST monitoring and alert services.