Partners In Innovation – ThinkTank Maths and The Scottish Oil Club

The Scottish Oil Club to be joined by Chief Executive of ThinkTank Maths

ThinkTank Maths’ Chief Executive, Angela Mathis, has been elected as a board member at the leading national energy discussion and debate forum, The Scottish Oil Club.

The club is a highly connected network of global industry specialists who share their wisdom, vision and experience of the energy sector via regular speaking engagements and presentations. Members of The Scottish Oil Club are world-leading professionals and experts in energy-related fields, including academia, renewable energy, scientific research, engineering and more. The members come together to debate and give informed insights on the political, economic, industrial and technological aspects of petroleum and other energy industries.

In Good Company

Angela is joining prestigious company at The Scottish Oil Club. The club dates back to 1975 when it was first founded as The Edinburgh and Leith Petroleum Club. In 1998, the Glasgow-based Oil Club joined forces with the Edinburgh club to create The Scottish Oil Club. The club is an international endeavour, with membership throughout Scotland, Europe and the rest of the world. The diverse membership of this non-profit energy NGO comes from the energy industry as well as other supporting service corporations and organisations. Current corporate members include Shell, BP, the Scottish Government, Centrica, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh University and many more.

Why ThinkTank Maths?

We invited Angela Mathis to join the board of The Scottish Oil Club because not only is she a passionate and informed member of the oil and gas community in Scotland – and globally too – but through her company, ThinkTank Maths, she also brings extensive knowledge of mathematics, engineering, and scientific research gained working with global advanced engineering industries,” said Rob Schneider, the Executive Secretary of The Scottish Oil Club. “ThinkTank Maths is a unique business within the energy sector and we hope the insight, dynamism and ground-breaking approach ThinkTank Maths brings to the oil and gas industry will inspire our members.

Beyond the Boundaries of Science & Innovation

I am honoured to be asked to join the Board of The Scottish Oil Club. At ThinkTank Maths we believe this nomination acknowledges our innovative vision and our specific contribution to providing paradigm-changing mathematical and scientific solutions to the vital industrial and economic ecosystem of the oil and gas industry.

Part of our mission is to offer a distinctive expertise within the energy sector in Scotland, the UK and beyond, with the view to stimulate new ideas and strategies of The Scottish Oil Club’s member companies, individuals and students who work and study within advanced engineering fields. As a board member of The Scottish Oil Club, we hope to bring new insight and broaden understanding of the global energy sector and where it needs to grow, adapt and transform itself to meet current challenges.” – Angela Mathis, CEO ThinkTank Maths

Perhaps most importantly, this collaboration allows both ThinkTank Maths and the Scottish Oil Club to develop and push the boundaries of science and innovation within the energy sector. Some in the industry are entrenched in dated practices and thinking, meaning new advances in science may not be being put to optimal use within the energy, or oil and gas sectors. Our shared objective within the energy sector is to use forward-thinking, innovative mathematics and scientific research to develop new technologies.

Cutting-edge contributions to the sector include developing new approaches in Geoscience – particularly understanding sub-surface geology and hydrocarbon behaviours in reservoirs, which will improve the development of conventional and unconventional oil and gas extraction.

Out-of-the-box thinking, rigorous observation, relentless innovation: that’s what typifies ThinkTank Maths – making it a worthy member of The Scottish Oil Club.