Inspiring Highschool Students to follow STEM Careers

It is with great enthusiasm that ThinkTank Maths sponsored and participated in its fifth event of this fantastic initiative to inspire the next generation of Mathematicians. Members of our staff and research team engaged once again with the keenly curious and determined would-be, ‘high school scientists’ on our interactive “build-a-graph” stand, and delivered a series of workshops at the various events across Scotland throughout 2017.

SmartSTEMs exits now for two years and in 2017 is “set to roll out the biggest expansion in it’s short history. Bigger events and more events, our network will reach a record number of young people with a wider network of business leaders, innovators and leading thinkers in the STEM environment”, says the founder, Stuart MacDonald. “The aim of each conference is to reach out to young people and inspire them about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) careers and help organisations and educators hear about the latest opportunities for young people”.


The ThinkTank Maths’ team organised a series of fun workshops, such as asking, “What do Graph Theory and chocolate have in common?” The answer being, of course, “Mathematics.” Everyone leaves with their head buzzing about “graph theory”; its origins and modern day usefulness, and has a lot more than just a bar of chocolate to take home and chew over…

For more information on the SmartSTEMs organisation and its 2017 Programme follow this link: SmartSTEM