ThinkTank Maths secures funding for SST Project

ThinkTank Maths Limited (TTM) has secured R&D financing from Scotland’s economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise, for the development of enhanced space surveillance and tracking (SST) services.

The overcrowding of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is a rapidly growing problem due to the proliferation of satellites endangering vital economic and societal activities. To achieve economic continuity and security along with lower insurance costs, the position uncertainty of space-objects in LEO have to be reduced. Enhanced orbital trajectory prediction and object collision risk reduction will help safeguard both commercial and military assets and operations.

TTM aims to accomplish this through novel abductive inference methods to fuse complex heterogenous data sets. This capability will reduce satellite fuel burn from unnecessary avoidance manoeuvres extending the operational life of spacecraft. Generating less space debris and less CO2 pollution will promote safe and sustainable development of LEO.

The overall technical objective of the R&D program is to develop an advanced SST digital solution with a novel mathematical framework and algorithms. These will go beyond the current use of Gaussian distribution to deal with current uncertainty in LEO. Our software will automatically collect data from a variety of sources to give enhanced position accuracy for space objects. Through TTM’s augmented intelligence system (TRA™) we will provide decision intelligence at the speed of relevance to satellite operators.

TTM has been working in stealth mode for 4 years with Dr Moriba Jah, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Privateer Space. Dr Jah is a globally recognised subject matter expert, space environmentalist and astrodynamicist.

The project will also consolidate TTM’s relationship with SaxaVord Spaceport within the SaxaVord Space Domain Awareness Consortium. TTM plans to develop safe and accurate orbital insertion services for SaxaVord launcher clients.

The project is directly aligned with Scottish Enterprise’s “Scotland in Space” ambitions and will institute competitive Scottish/UK SST monitoring and alert services.

hei fremtid.

We are exited to announce ThinkTank Maths Norge AS. Our new daughter company based in Stavanger, Norway

We are pleased to have Grethe Moen and Gunnar Espeland join us as our Non-Executive Directors. Both Grethe and Gunnar bring to our Board their strategic experience and insight as we make plans to work with Norwegian industry, academia and Government to create vital new technology and sovereign capabilities particularly in the New Space and the Energy Transition sectors.  

Grethe Moen

Grethe Moen

Ms. Moen has close to 40 years of experience in leadership positions within the oil, gas and energy industry, including 25 years (1982-2007) with Equinor (Statoil) and four years (2007-2011) with Shell Europe. From 2013 to 2021, she served as CEO of Petoro AS, the Norwegian State-owned oil company managing the State Direct Financial Interest in Joint Ventures (SDFI/SDØE), and previously as Vice President of Petoro from 2011 to 2013.  Since 2021, Ms. Moen is the owner and CEO at VITE Energy AS.  In 1999, she served as Chairman of the Board in Navion AS and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of NEO Energy (UK) (since 2020), TGS AS (since 2021) and OKEA AS (since 2021), as well as of several Technology Start-Ups.

Gunnar Espeland

Mr. Espeland is partner/lawyer and head of Simonsen Vogt Wiig law firm Stavanger-office and is specialized within commercial law, project development, joint ventures and corporate law/corporate governance. His experience includes close to 20 years practice within the oil and gas industry, and his practice includes assistance to start-up companies within technology development and energy transition. Mr. Espeland holds various board of director positions.

SaxaVord Space Traffic Management Consortium

The SaxaVord UK Spaceport (Unst, Shetland) is taking advantage of its exceptional geographic position as a small satellite launch site with access to near polar,  Sun-synchronous orbits, to become a comprehensive Northern Space Launch and Observation Centre.

SaxaVord Spaceport, ThinkTank Maths Limited (TTM) and Dr. Moriba Jah have committed to collaborate as the SaxaVord Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Consortium to create commercially viable SDA/STM services based on scientifically robust capabilities (abductive inference and analysis), which ensure the safe and sustainable use of Space.  Moriba Jah is a world expert and thought leader in dealing with collision risks to satellite constellations due to ever-increasing space traffic and debris orbiting in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). The SaxaVord SDA Consortium will deliver assured SDA services to commercial and Government clients – giving them insight and confidence from their data to make complex manoeuvre decisions and protect their assets – this is known as decision-quality insight at the speed of relevance. ThinkTank Maths is reducing the current level of uncertainty in the assumed position of a space object and its predicted orbit.  The ARGUSGraph, our SDA platform, also uses TTM’s Trusted Reasoning Architecture (TRA™) to fuse vast heterogenous data sets from our powerful digital library of space domain data. The SaxaVord SDA Consortium is also exploring innovative sensing partnerships to help to more accurately detect, track, and characterise space objects.  Together we aim to create an end-to-end space domain decision intelligence capability – a leading provider of assured Space Traffic Management services to satellite constellation operators – and a determining element of the UK and its allies’ sovereign SDA capability.

The Consortium will also offer a range of launch support services to the New Space industry.

ThinkTank Maths has supported the SaxaVord Spaceport since our first meeting in May 2018, bringing our commercial contacts at ArianeGroup (France) to Shetland in the summer of 2018 to help the Shetland Space Centre define an operations concept and assess the range of missions possible for its Spaceport project in the frame of a three-month study.

In my exploration of wicked problems requiring the creation of solutions that are allergic to viral prejudice used by most as a flawed way to remove the inherent uncertainties, the universe led me to the intellectual tavern called Think Tank Maths for a much needed drink.

Moriba Kemessia Jah

Moriba Kemessia Jah

Moriba Jah is an associate professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin where he is the holder of the Mrs. Pearlie Dashiell Henderson Centennial Fellowship in Engineering.

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Register Today for Our Space Cafe Scotland by Angela Mathis on 1 July 2021

Space Café Scotland : Scotland will ‘lead by example’ to develop Sustainable New Space Economy. Scotland has end-to-end Space capabilities, we can try things out – like a ‘living lab’, says Kristina Tamane.

Thank you to our guest speakers: Daniel Smith, Moriba Jah, Massimiliano Vasile and Kristina Tamane. And to everyone at SpaceWatch.Global, AstroAgency and the Scottish Space Leadership Council for their partnership, input and support:

ConocoPhillips and ThinkTank Maths sign new agreement

ConocoPhillips and ThinkTank Maths sign agreement for the second phase of Ekofisk R&D project

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS and ThinkTank Maths Limited have entered into a new R&D agreement to continue the development of an innovative, ‘augmented intelligence’ geo-steering decision-support software, which aims to support drilling operations in the Ekofisk field on the Norwegian continental shelf.


ThinkTank Maths Limited is an established and recognised provider of innovative operational solutions based on its unique mathematical research and data analysis capabilities in several high-performance Engineering sectors; aeronautics, defence, space, transport and oil and gas.

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS carries out exploration and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS is both an operator and a licensee in several producing fields on the Norwegian Shelf.

Inspiring Highschool Students to follow STEM Careers

It is with great enthusiasm that ThinkTank Maths sponsored and participated in its fifth event of this fantastic initiative to inspire the next generation of Mathematicians. Members of our staff and research team engaged once again with the keenly curious and determined would-be, ‘high school scientists’ on our interactive “build-a-graph” stand, and delivered a series of workshops at the various events across Scotland throughout 2017.

SmartSTEMs exits now for two years and in 2017 is “set to roll out the biggest expansion in it’s short history. Bigger events and more events, our network will reach a record number of young people with a wider network of business leaders, innovators and leading thinkers in the STEM environment”, says the founder, Stuart MacDonald. “The aim of each conference is to reach out to young people and inspire them about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) careers and help organisations and educators hear about the latest opportunities for young people”.


The ThinkTank Maths’ team organised a series of fun workshops, such as asking, “What do Graph Theory and chocolate have in common?” The answer being, of course, “Mathematics.” Everyone leaves with their head buzzing about “graph theory”; its origins and modern day usefulness, and has a lot more than just a bar of chocolate to take home and chew over…

For more information on the SmartSTEMs organisation and its 2017 Programme follow this link: SmartSTEM